A spot for those from the D..

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Paws Rallying Troops

Monday, June 27, 2005


Visit old buddy chip nelson at his blog and talk some shit to him. Run this hillbilly out of here.

Hollywood D - at it again...

Hollywood D see here at Bank One Ballpark in Arizona, up to his old ways....

How embarassing...

Thursday, June 23, 2005

"Hollywood" D??

I dont see much "Hollywood" here....that dirt on your chin, and that Pat Riley haircut - make you look more like "Westland" D...

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Hollywood D spotted at Pistons game....

Monday, June 20, 2005


Ok, i see what you mean -

I need everyone to post their email address on here - and i will add you to the team member list and you can post up on here..

Holla Back -

(This message is for everyone except Hollywood D...he cannot be a member)

You tell me..

Can you find the NBA Basketball Player?

Warm it up Chris....

It looks like someone trapped a baboon - and slapped a Sixers jersey on it.

Deeetroit Basketball?

Prince wide open off the inbounds....WIDE OPEN.

Robert Whorey did it again...That guy earns his salary with about 3 or 4 shots in the playoffs every year...its unreal...

We need to just focus on winning game 6 - and just give it all we got in game 7...

I blame it mostly on Hollywood D. He doesnt watch game 3 or 4 and we win. Hurry up and get out of here...for the Pistons sake, and my own. Ive seen you two weekends in a row now. Too much Hollywood.


Ive been trying to figure out how others can post on here - and not just comment..

But since there is no setting change that will allow it. If anyone knows how, let me know.

Friday, June 17, 2005

From The D Blog

June 17th, 2005.

Eh yo Eh yo..

What better way to start a blog from the D.

I've created this blog so that everyone from the big D, can share their thoughts and feelings with each other from around the country.


Ya right.

Basically its open season up in here...feel free to send this link to anyone that i forgot - or dont have their email address. But please be respectful of others. Lets be adults, and have intelligent conversation.

Mix Master Mike visits the D

Well, Mike D is in for a visit. And let me be the first to say: I cant wait until you go home.

I mean look at this clucker: